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  Wind is a funny thing.

   If you can harness its power, wind can help generate electricity.

   At its best, wind can send your kite flying high into the sky and provides the means for numerous recreational sports like surfing or sailing or riding in a hot air balloon.

   But wind can also be dangerous. It erodes the soil, affects the spread of wildfires, and depending on its strength, can change the weather and the natural course of events at any given time.

   Meteorologists refer to winds according to their strength and the direction from which the wind is blowing.  Gusts are short bursts of high speed wind. Squalls are strong winds and winds that last longer are referred to depending on how strong they are such as breeze, gales, storm, hurricane and typhoon.

   There’s a lot of information out there about wind, but this website is to keep you informed about wind and how it affects the weather, and the subsequent storms that often affect people’s everyday life and pocketbooks.

   People call it by a lot of different names, but we just call it windstorm – and it usually results in some sort of catastrophic event like tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons and tornados.

   This website is meant to inform you about all the issues surrounding windstorms – from insurance rates to stories on how to prepare for hurricanes. We don’t pretend to be the weather channel – just a source of information to keep you up to date with windstorm news from across the United States but particularly in those states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.




latest news

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