Local Candidates Important To Windstorm Issues

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Early voting is underway across coastal areas all across the United States.

In Coastal areas it is especially important to question local candidates on windstorm issues, because they are our future leaders who are closest to the people affected by rising windstorm insurance rates and the need for reforming windstorm laws, rules and regulations all across the country.

No where has windstorm been as vital of an election campaign issues as it has been in Corpus Christi, Texas, where at least two candidates for city council positions offer local residents a chance to get experts in the windstorm field elected to office. And, it is an issue being used by State Rep. J.M. Lozano, who represents an area that skirts the city and includes San Patricio County where windstorm insurance rates are always one of the top issues in any election.

In Corpus Christi, Smith who is the vice chair of the Coastal Windstorm Task Force is seeking election to the District 4 position on the council, and At Large City Councilman Michael Hunter is seeking to be elected to the post he was appointed to in March of this year when a council member moved out of town because of her job.

Hunter, is the son of State Rep. Todd Hunter, one of the state’s foremost authorities of windstorm issues. He has interned for his father in the legislature and as an insurance agent understands the intricacies of windstorm on a number of different levels.

Smith is considered one of the Coastal Bend’s biggest windstorm experts, and a leading proponent of reforming the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. He has helped write important legislation and has spoken against rising windstorm rates across the state.

Meanwhile, Lozano is seeking to remind voters about his work on the issue in the state house including his work on that same  landmark windstorm legislation with State Rep. Hunter and Greg Smith..

Recently Smith was endorsed by the current city council member in that district and two former city council members. One of them noted his importance on windstorm issues, an issue that didn’t escape the notice of the Corpus Christi Caller Times in its endorsement of Smith.

“Smith is the candidate who has participated in government — just not in an elected capacity — and used it to solve problems,” the Caller Times said in its endorsement. His “knowledge of and connections to his community are overwhelming. He has chaired the Island Strategic Action Committee and the county’s beach committee, held officer positions in the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and county appraisal district board, and helped write windstorm insurance reform legislation.”

Smith, a civic leader and small business owner, serves as vice chair of the Coastal Windstorm Task Force, and has fought rising windstorm insurance rate hikes as well as help write legislation that helps reform the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, according to a press release on the endorsements of former city council members.

“Greg Smith wrote the book on windstorm,” said Chris Adler, who represented District 4 on the City Council for two terms. “Greg knows more about coastal issues, water, islands, setbacks and tides than anyone I’ve ever known….and that’s important to ALL of us.”

That is a distinction that may not be lost on Corpus Christi voters — but it’s also an important thing to remember for other coastal residents as they vote on local candidates all along the coast line of the country.


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