Texas GOP Mentions Windstorm Insurance In Party Platform

| May 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

Somewhere in between their actions to attack gays and lesbians, worry about transgendered bathrooms, oppose women on the front line in war, promoting the  adoption of human embryos and discouraging mandatory kindergarten classes for Texas kids, the Texas GOP did get around to talking about some consumer issues including the controversial Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

While critics claim the state Republican platform was so busy dealing with far right social issues, it didn’t talk enough about basic financial free-market and economic issues, the platform did include this:

“We encourage free-market solutions for providing utilities whenever possible. We support that all types of insurance rates, to include (but not limited to) health, life, title, auto, and homeowner’s insurance should be set through free-market forces alone. We support efforts to shrink the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association to reduce the liabilities it imposes on state taxpayers.”

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